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  • Lucia Saja
  • Arch. Mattia Locatelli
  • Arch. Sara Vergani
  • Arch. Giulia Olivetti
  • Arch. Lorenzo Baldini
  • Arch. Maria Luisa Carloni

They have worked with us since 2001

  • Davide Bossi
  • Stefano Bianchi
  • Luca Ciliani
  • Flavio Anglani
  • Giulia Sicignano
  • Simone Milani
  • Andrea Piantoni
  • Flavia Iandoli
  • Pietro Amato
  • Gwenaëlle Charrier
  • Gaia Pozzi
  • Valentina Bacco
  • Sofia Parolini
  • Chiara Osticioli
  • Roberto Colombani
  • Benedetta Concetti
  • Carine Deschamps
  • Elena Soldati
  • Stefano Diene
  • Camilla Escobar
  • Valentina Fermi
  • Mauro Fassino
  • Roberta Galeni
  • Benedetta Govi
  • Elena Guiscardo
  • Giampaolo Manfrini
  • Diletta Masiello
  • Amanda Molinelli
  • Edgardo Pavesi
  • Francesco Pastorelli
  • Chiara Patti
  • Angela Pignedoli
  • Katia Scuteri
  • Andrea Tosini
  • Viola Corbari
  • Alessio Carlini


PAN associati
Progettazione Architettura + Natura

is an interdisciplinary group of professionals founded in 2001 that operates in the field of architectural design and landscape, the redevelopment of the area and plant design with particular attention to the aspects of energy saving and eco-friendly construction.

The organization of the study, through the establishment of working groups enriched by the collaboration of various professionals such as architects, engineers, foresters, agronomists and naturalists, pointing to the highest quality in the conception and development of the project in all its phases and includes in addition to architecture also feasibility study, planning, landscape and urban planning, construction management and safety coordination.

In architecture, PAN has created actions ranging from the restoration of the monumental buildings to the realization of new works, including public offices and town halls, school and religious complexes, cuktural centres (such as museums, libraries and sports centers), residential complexes with specific experience in the design of buildings with wooden structures.

In landscpe, PAN works in the interventions of urban planning and project planning of landscape, particularly with regard to the design of parks and gardens and urban design, the redevelopment landscape and the recovery of degraded areas and studies of environmental impact, the sector plans and interventions of forestation.

In order to optimize the quality of the work carried out and the service offered to the customer, associated PAN has the Quality Certification ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001 since 2002.

SGS ISO 9001 TCL SITOMarchio ACCREDIA Organizzazioni certificate SITO

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