Housing R2 and R3 in Cascina Merlata, Milan

  • Year: 2015
In the fragmented and irregular context of Milan’s north-west outskirt, the proposal is based on the construction of urban blocks, characterized by a pronounced volumetric identity, in order to create an urban system that configures the edges of Cascina Merlata park.

In the arrangement of blocks, it is proposed the interpenetration of two building types: a system of courts, 5-6 storeys high, which define protected areas related to the park, and an overlapping of line-buildings, which mark the front of the park with large volumes lightened by the alternation of solids and voids.

The relationship with the park is also enhanced by the use of vegetation as a characteristic element of the proposed solution.  Green areas characterize: the courts’ gardens, with a naturalistic design with tall trees; the roof garden, conceived as a relational and social space with vegetable gardens, socialization areas, children's playgrounds; "interstitial" green areas inside the line-buildings on the park edge, characterized by a central void with stairs and lifts on which tree-covered loggias open on both fronts.
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