Competition for new town of Lai'an - landscape planning

  • Year: 2017
Landscape planning for the masterplan of the core area of Lai'an new town, in Nanchin metropolitan area. The project is based on a network of thematic linear parks along the canals and green belts, characterizing a green infrasctructure conceived as the real structural element of the town.
The thematic parks, related to art, music, sport, biodfiversity, connect the central lake with agricultural and natural areas south of the new town, forming attractive urban itineraries with museums, theaters, folies with facilities for sport, food & baverege, leisure.
The green belts, with their more formal design, are conceived as district centralities for the nearby residential areas, hosting district facilities as civic centers, kindergardens, schools, market and fitness and sport centers.
The central lake, real core of the new town, is characterized by a southern more urban shore and a northern naturalistic shore, with wet gardens with aquatic vegetation and paths above the water, an urban beach with a bio-swimming pool, a huge sport center in the park.

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