Competition for restoration of the Ducal Park of Rivalta Palace

  • Year: 2018
The requalification of the historical park of Rivalta Palace (Reggio Emilia) is an opportunity to join history and contemporaneity, restoration of a monumental heritage, and activation of a modern functional core, creating a landmark at different territorial scales.
Crucial theme is the history of the park: a short history of a ducal park (1733-1796), for a long time a history of a ruin.
The restoration proposal intends to be a conservation and reconstruction work, with a reinterpretation of the past, aiming to recrate the image of the baroque garden as an "oasis" within the urban and agricultural territory.
It aims to identify new meanings of the park, considering the needs, values and wishes of the contemporary society, searching possible gathering themes and correspondence between past, present and future.
The image of the ancient park, studied with the historical documents, is read in a contemporary way. The elements of the park, the Court, the Bosquets, the Secret Garden, are reconstructed considering the original shape and the possible moderne uses; the Parterre is redefined with colourful flowerbeds and water games, but also with space for events, temporary gardens and exhibitions; the Belvedere is restored and enriched with a new maze, evoking the original maze of the park; the original basins and fountains are restored and refunctionalized.
The shape of the disappeared central block of the palace is recreated in its edges with a wireframe construction, creating a huge pergola with shading elements, climbing vegetation, stage for temporary events, small pavilions with greenhouses and orangeries: a new prospective wing for the park.
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