Palazzo Citterio

  • Year: 2013
Project for the Garden of Palazzo Citterio in Milan by a " contract for the restoration, preservation and renovation of the complex of Palazzo Citterio in Milan" (with AMDL studio Milan). Project results the winner for design and technical aspects. The project plans to rebuild a unit of composition and function with the entire palace complex proposing the essential elements of the original structure of the garden and keeping the scan, to equip the area for a new use exhibition, connecting the area with the complex of Brera, the museum system and the Botanical Garden. The three parts of the original garden are proposed in the draft recovery. The part of the garden closest to the historic building, is placed on a large underground exhibition hall.  At the center is rebuilt the great roundabout reported in historical documents, with a central majestic Platanus acerifolia, choice linked to the past presence in the garden. Along the north side of the yard are planned big hedges into shape required, placed in pots stand-cor-ten steel. The second section of the garden, the garden below, is a continuation of the first, the flooring is in coplanar calcestre. Are required two flower beds with decorative grasses, a pool of water accommodation and reuse of limonaia, the construction of a pergola with elements of existing recovery. The last section reassembles the remains of the romantic garden. Historical trees, embankments, furniture, cave, walkways, stairs, terraces and parking areas are carefully restored. The realization a new garden can reinterpret this space in a modern key and at the same time respectful of the environment, able to terminate the relationship with the nearby wooded area and to propose a new exhibition use.
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