The ancient grain project in largo Richini - Milano

The project proposes to fit out the Cederna Gardenin in Largo Richini for a year devoted to the theme of the grain, as an event related to Expo 2015 and its basic theme, in order to raise awareness and touch one of the key food  in our culture, its evolution, its variety and its life. In particular, alongside the variety of modern wheat, we want you rediscover ancient grains, and their nutritional properties also begin to be re-evaluated for food production in the future. It is therefore a project with educational  and popular value with symbolic and narrative suggestions. The direct contact with the Statale University accentuates its scientific value. Between the rows of grain are proposed pathways for a playful enjoyment fit out, in which it is possible not only perceive the difference between the species of cereal, but also capture the atmosphere of a wheat field, for example through the presence of wildflowers (archeophytes: cornflowers, poppies, daisies, Umbelliferae, etc.) and using repeaters emitting acoustic music and songs of birds. Also are provided information panels to tell the story of the grain, its species, its cycle and its history. There are also some areas with paved paths temporary, made of rough wood.
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