Sewage Plant mitigation in Trento

  • Year: 2014-2017
Winner project of the competition for environmental rehabilitation and landscaping of the sewage plant of the city of Trento, in Mattarello (Trentino Alto Adige).  The project is based on two elements that are very different in function, dimensions, location . The lift station is located at the center of the plain , at the lowest point , in the midst of the crops and a focal point of articulation between State and Adige valley . The purifier is provided close to the mountain , right in the delicate point of transition from vertical mountain in the horizontal plain . This condition of inherent weakness can become, if properly interpreted , element of strength , coherence and unity of design solution . That crossing point must therefore investigated and understood . Rooms plants have been carefully studied in relation to what is already there , have deepened the features of the shell wall units , selected native species and partial recovery of the existing ones , check the stability of trees , irrigation , maintenance , etc ..

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