A forest for Rome

  • Year: 2017
Temporary landscape installation realized in the cavea and in the entrance alley of Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, during the VII Festival del Verde e del Paesaggio (Green and landscape festival of Rome): a temporary wood made of 120 trees and 200 shrubs, with autoctonous species of central Italy, brought in their pots and addressed to be planted in parks and open spaces of the Capital, promoting the message that we must give back nature to the cities, as an important principle of urban requalification, especially for their weekest areas.
The exibition included an important comunication project, with panels with literary tect about forest and nature, an app for identification and explanantion of the plants with QRcode, production of gadgets, dramatic an musical performances.

Opened to the public, it characterized the access promenade to the festival.
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