Park of Villa Marengo in Alessandria

  • Year: 2018
The requalificartion of the park of the museum-villa of Napoleonic memories, built in the middle of the XIX century on the border of Marengo battlefield, is part of the larger intervention of requalification of southeastern outskirts of the city of Alessandria, named "Progetto Marengo – Hub da Periferia a Comunità” (Marengo project - Hub from outskirts to community).
The project aims to qualify the actually disused and partially closed park, transforming it into a public park for historical and cultural fruition, for events, for leisure and discovery of nature: at the same time the outdoor extention of the museum path of the villa and the public park of the adjacent village of Spinetta.
Four areas are identified in the park: the Garden of the Pyramid, match point between the park and the museum, the Historical Garden, east of the villa, the Campo Marzio, a huge multipourpouse green room, the Marengo's Wood, the more natural area at the eastern border of the park.
The project includes even the restoration of the origina water basins, the enhancement of memorial sculptures and building, and important forestal work, with plantation of numerous shrubs and trees of the species of Piemontese lowland forest, recreating a fragmednt of the lost pre-agricultal landscape of the area of Alessandria.
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