Park of Napoleon's Plane Tree in Alessandria

  • Year: 2018
Part of the larger intervention for the requalification of the south-eastern outstkirts of the city of Alessandria, called  Progetto Marengo – Hub da Periferia a Comunità” (Marengo Project - Hub from outskirts to community), the park of Napoleon's plane tree will be a new park configuring the south-eastern gate of the city, enhancing the monumental centuries-old Napoleon's plane on the border of Padana Inferiore regional road, today transformed into a highway.
Located in the difficoult position within a road junction, near the actually under construction Palazzo dell'Edilizia, the park will be qualified by an important forestation work which will give environmental benefits for the city of Alessandria. Two lawns, bordered by rows of huge trees, will provide space for sport and leisure, enhancing at the same time the monumental plane tree.
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