Requalification of the Grand Hotel garden's and parterre in San Pellegrino Terme

  • Year: 2019
The Grand Hotel is a well-known Liberty building built at the beginning of the twentieth century in the spa resort of S. Pellegrino, opposite the Brembo river. For many years abandoned, it has undergone important restoration and recovery works that will soon lead to its reopening, returning to the public fruition a treasure of perfectly restored architecture brought back to its former glory.
The arrangement of the external areas is an unavoidable element of this work of recovery both in terms of a renewed functionality and as an opportunity to establish a new relationship with the City.
The central themes of the project are the recovery and enhancement of the relationship with the river, the recovery of the characterizing elements of the surviving historical garden, the realization of a recognizable system of new paths, the reorganization of accesses also as a function of the recovery of the hotel business and restoration, the revival of the delicate relationship with the road and the river, integration within the broader process of urban renewal and regeneration of public spaces carried out for several years by the municipal administration.
In particular, three areas are highlighted: the Terrazza Brembo which acts as a representative and the main entrance to the hotel; the rear side, to the east, called the service Garden; the South Park, to complete the fenced perimeter waiting for the definitive enhancement of the area also with the new entrance to the Hotel.

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