#wood in the making

  • 21 september - 2 november 2014
  • Immagine supplementare

The trees that are on their way from Italian nurseries to the Rho-Pero area are due to make an unexpected stop in the city centre. The miniature wood that is taking shape on the Expo Gate square will be a preview of what visitors will see at EXPO 2015, connecting people to this major event and its theme of landscapes. It will also be a new urban itinerary, adding volume and splendid autumnal colours to the city.

City preview for the Expo landscape.
Party and presentation to the city at 4.30 p.m. on 12 October


Timelapse #boscoincorso

Fermata straordinaria degli alberi di Expo nel centro di Milano

Plana in Expogate un bosco temporaneo

Arriva in Expo Gate un piccolo bosco

Il bosco che verrĂ 

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