Pisa 4.0 Resilience cities and Green infrastructure

  • 2017
  • 01/12/2017 Arsenali di Pisa
Within the third edition of the convention organized in Pisa by Paysage, it will be displayed the Masterplan for the green infrastructure of the city, planned and developed by PAN Associati.
The masterplan for the green infrastructure it is a vision of the city, able to promote strategies for great changes in urban quality, developing a widespread landscape and environmental process.
The masterplan for the green infrastructure is based on a strict relationship between parks and connections. Parks are located in places with strong cultural and natural features, in proximity of the "gates" of the city and where it is necessary to face floods with nature based solutions. Axes connect theese spaces, forming a soft mobility network structuring the city.
The masterplan for the green infrastructure will be a unique and innovative plan, facing environmental, landscape, mobility features, improving sustainible tourism and enhancement of the territory.
Improvement of the canopy cover facing environmental issues, such as pollution, global warming and heat island effect, ecosystemic serivices for urban envronment, bike network for a sustainible mobility, enhancement of touristic itineraries for discovery of the territory: Pisa green insfastructure will be all theese in one.

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